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Why it matters

People are hurting across the face of the earth, suffering and anxiety are rampant. Depression is the new normal.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
Project People – Because people matter.

As people we can learn better ways to alleviate suffering and promote the grace of connection. We can DO relationships better, both interpersonally and inter-globally.

We cannot look to governments; we cannot look to religions. If we want to change the hurtful ways of the world, we must do it One by One and Two by Two. People empowering people to be better people.

It starts with me; it starts with you.

We can start by being better friends to each other. It’s so simple: friends help us feel better. We help friends feel better. When you feel better, the hard parts of life are easier. When life is easier, it is easier to offer kindness and support to people that are hurting. Then they hurt less.

Think about that. You have the power to help people hurt less. Helping people hurt less also lessens our own suffering. It a circle of goodness that eternally grows with giving.

That is way Project People matters. Because people matter. 

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